Meet The Best Personal Robot Transporter

You may have seen robots that follow its owner around carrying some form of luggage, but this one actually carries its owner around also, it has personal mobility ability. It is called LOOMO,

Can Facebook Be Trusted For Once, And Deliver On Its New Portal Device Privacy Promises?

Facebook has your data: knows who you chat with, who you video call, who you DM, what you love, like, hate, etc worst of all this data are available to frivolous firms for ads targeting. That’s no n

Olympic Nation Swimming Goggle: Why You Should Not Buy it, Costs $10

Olympia Nation Swimming Goggles are enjoyed by thousands of swimmers, in fact they are the best selling pair on Amazon and have been for quite some time. Is it time for you to find out

FCMB Celebrates Customer Service Week in A Grand Style.

FCMB is at the peak of the celebration as it celebrates its customers in a grand style. It's been a fun-filled week at the various branches of the bank in Nigeria. Staff going crazy in different

The Specs of The Galaxy S10’s Triple Camera Were Just Leaked

Samsung proposes to launch three Galaxy S10 versions early next year. And one of the versions, possibly S10+ is likely to have five cameras — three on the back and two on the front. However there's n

Netflix to Give Viewers Option to Choose Their Own Story Lines in "Black Mirror" TV Episodes.

Netflix is about to spice up viewers experience with interactive TV shows that will give the viewers option to choose their own story lines in a TV episode or movie.

Netflix to debut interactive