Google Launches A New Product Called "Google One"

Google launches a new product called "Google One". Wait a minute, is Google One actually a new product or just a re-brand? We'll find out.

Now, if you are familiar with Google Drive file storage

Samsung Unveils Its First 5G Modem

Samsung has just unveiled its first downward compatible 5G modem that meets all the latest standards hitting 6Gbps mmWave speed, called Exynos Modem.

The Exynos modem 5100 was built using

Will Apple Bow To EU’s Pressure To Standardize Charging Ports?

Apple, the trillion dollar tech company may have violated the EU competition commission rule and may be on the verge of incurring a multibillion-dollar fine.

The tech giant co-founded by Steve

First Nigerian Team Of Girls To win The World Technovation Competition

Africa's most populous country, Nigeria has been made proud by her citizens, as a group of female teenagers emerged winner of the 2018 Technovation World pitch summit in California, United

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review - Did It Meet Your Expectations?

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy Note9 has landed surpassing its expectations.

Galaxy Note9 has got great features that makes it outstanding and preferred.

First, its infinity display which

Facebook Video Chat Becomes Fascinating With AR

@messenger video chat on facebook just got fascinating with the introduction of AR( Augmented Reality).

This feature takes the shape of a group game. It allows atmost 4 persons at a time to play