Covid-19: Google Search And Maps Now Show 'Temporarily Closed' Businesses

Google has just added another feature to its Google Search and Maps to show "Temporarily Closed" businesses.

Google Search and Maps have become veritable tools to show "Temporarily closed"

China is Returning To Work, US is Planning To Return To work, The Rest Of The World Goes Into Lockdown

China is returning to work as the rest of the world goes into lockdown; its restarting productions at factories and resuming some flights; Employees are returning to work, and consumers are

COVID-19: MTN Nigeria Commences Work From Home, Outlines New Work Operations

MTN Nigeria has pledged continued support for the well-being of its people, families and communities amid the world's COVID-19 pandemic.

To this end, the Nigerian Telco giant has released new

kenya Government To Leverage YouTube And Kenya Education Cloud For Its Stay-at-home Learners

It's no longer news that the Corona Virus pandemic which invaded the world in 2019 has truncketed the smooth and normal flow of processes including the Education sectors.

In order to stop or

Bill Gates Steps Down From Microsoft, Berkshire Boards

Many times world's richest man Bill Gates announced on a LinkedIn post yesterday that he's stepping down from the board of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to focus his time on philanthropic

Create Your Own Branded Augmented Reality Lenses With Lens Web Builder

Snapchat has introduced a custom design for augmented reality lens web building ads campaigns on its platform. The social media network says you can choose from a library of hundreds of 3D objects,