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How Technology Can Make You Popular

What is popularity? Why become popular?

Popularity is the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people. It is an attractive or exciting quality that makes people or

12 Astounding Security Technologies in 2018

Over the past twenty years, computer mainframes have become smartphones that fit into your pockets although, they are much more powerful, but there are ways to dominate access to your

Yubikey Protects Your Online Accounts From Hackers 100 Percent(%)

How would you feel when someone invades your privacy, especially for malicious reasons? Nobody wants to have such experience. Neither do I.

A couple weeks ago, Precious, a friend of mine had this

How Technology Can Make You Rich

The rich have become richer while the poor have become poorer. More millionaires have emerged, all leveraging on the power of technology in their businesses.

Knowing the “right” technology to dep

Samsung Galaxy Z Edge 2018 with Two Displays is Coming SOON!

Samsung Galaxy Z edge 2018 will be one of the prime devices from Samsung. It's unique features and technologies will be second to none.

Galaxy Z edge will feature a "Z" curved design concept

Sony Unveils The World’s Highest Megapixel Smartphone Camera Sensor

Technology giant, Sony, just announced the IMX586 stacked CMOS image sensor for Smartphone cameras. The company made this known in a news release July 23, 2018.

The new sensor is said to feature

The Life Of A Brand

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes you, your organization, and product from your rival in the eyes of another, while branding is essentially the ongoing

Twitter Appoints Former World Bank Vice President, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as board member.

Dr. Ngozi Okongo-Iweala has been honoured on the global scene again. This time, she has been appointed as a director on the board of the social media giant, Twitter Inc.

She was appointed

EU Slams Google A Whopping $5 Billion Fine

The European Commission on Wednesday slammed Google a colossal $5 Billion fine for Android antitrust violations. It ordered Google to stop using its Android mobile operating system to block rivals.

Tips On How To Use Your Smartphone To Take Photos Like The Pros

Smartphone cameras are actually being improved upon as new phones emerge which makes it easier than ever to take professional shots. Although a lot of persons are still skeptical about this

Amazon Prime Day Heats Up...

Amazon prime day is usually a big deal for the world’s largest online retail store. It is a 36-hour sale with a significant reduction in prices of more than one million products on its s

How To Use “WhatsApp Business” For Your Business

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there”, is typical of the regular WhatsApp, hence the need for a WhatsApp Business to grow your business.          

 “WhatsApp Business” is

The Battery Powered Mobile Air Conditioner

Extreme weather conditions and temperatures have diverse effects on humans. In Africa, these sorts of weather conditions are experienced both in summertime and wintertime.

In summer, the

Nigeria Labour Congress Shuts Down MTN Offices On Accounts Of Staff Ill-treatment

Telecoms giant, MTN has shut down its operations in Nigeria due to ill-treatment of staff and stiffened business working environment.

NLC, Nigeria Labour Congress barricaded MTN offices in most

Microsoft Launches A New Tablet Called “Surface Go”

Whenever you think flexibility, portability, versatility, affordability, productivity and perhaps performance, Microsoft says, think “Surface Go.”

Microsoft announces its new device called “Su

Vice President Of Nigeria Tours Silicon Valley To Promote Local Tech Startups

Nigeria’s vice president, prof. Yemi Osinbajo is currently on a 3-day tour to Silicon Valley, the US to pitch Nigeria’s tech space to investors and tech moguls.

The Vice President cum tech ent

This Smart Wallet Protects Your Valuables From Thieves And Hackers

Nowadays, almost everything is code encrypted. Your phone, laptop, iPad, wifi, suitcase, door of your building, credit/debit card has a digit code for safety, and now, your wallet. How safe is your

MIT Invents Portable Device That Interprets What You Are Thinking Into Action

Technological innovations and advancements make the world dynamic. The changes brought about by these innovations have made a lot of things seamless and interesting. Take, for instance, our

Facebook Shuts Down Three Apps

Facebook made a release in the newsroom today of its intention to deprecate three apps from facebook due to low usage.

According to the release, "Hello" app, fitness app "Moves", and tbh app will