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How To Shop Online Safely With These 8 Methods


Online shopping can be an interesting adventure. It comes with the ease of shopping across a number of e-commerce sites in no time. Bargains are there, shopping is secure.

Solar Panels Make Their Journey To Window Blinds

Solar panels, the means by which we convert the sun's energy into the much needed electrical energy, has been making inroads to homes recently. Solar panels are small electrical power generation

What You Should Know About Black Friday

A lot of persons have been tuned in on the "Black Friday" hype without actually knowing what it represents. However, there's so much to learn as I walk you through it.
What is Black

Plant-Grown Meat Is Here To Stay, As Beyond Meat Inc. Files For IPO

A company founded by Ethan Brown in 2009, called “Beyond Meat” has filed for IPO. The company is known for “Planting The Future of Protein with 100% plant-based products that take the animal out of t

4 Easy Steps To Make An Air Conditioner For Your Home

Pour 3tbsp (51 g) of table salt into each of your  3 plastic bottles.

The number of disposable plastic bottles determines the extent of cooling after setup. 3 plastic bottles is ideal.


12 Astounding Security Technologies in 2018

By checking the smell

Over the past twenty years, computer mainframes have become smartphones that fit into your pockets although, they are much more powerful, but there are ways to

Control Your Phone with Your Eyes Using Hawkeye

How about using your eyes and face to navigate through your Smartphone without actually moving your fingers? Hmm…Incredible! Traditionally, the use of fingers to control phones have unconsciously b

Mara Group Announces First Made In Africa Phone

“Africa is bold, strong and innovative. Africa’s time is now”, said Adesina in a press conference on the final day of the Africa investment forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The event heralded

Most Common Application-Design Mistakes to Avoid

With the surge in technological advancements, it gets harder to create a successful IOS app. Many developers and designers make serious flaws and still hope for achieving great outcomes.

If you

Samsung Showcases A Foldable Phone That Opens Into A Tablet

Foldable Phones are the innovation of our time now, the technology is trending, as companies are scrambling to be the first to go to market with a stable and acceptable release of the phone concept.

Huawei Launches Nova 3i In Nigeria With Giveaways

Huawei technologies, second largest smartphone maker in the world launches nova 3i in Nigeria.

Huawei nova 3i is a perfect mid-range smartphone with amazing features and performance. Also

The Dyson Airwrap Styler Is On-point to Take Your Hair Beauty To A whole New Level

Dyson is struggling to meet up with the demands, everybody that makes hair wants this piece of technology, it's called the "Dyson Airwrap Styler".

It is conventional to have different styling

WhatsApp To Start Ads Placement

WhatsApp's plan for ad placements is coming to fruition. This has been confirmed in a comment made by Chris Daniel, VP WhatsApp in an email interview session with Shelley Singh, EU

Inside The New Apple MacBook Air 2018

Apple just released its MacBook Air 2018 at Apple event in New York. The new MacBook Air is an ultra thin and ultra light Mac. Apple has added a fingerprint sensor by embedding it in the keyboard.