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Samsung Wants To Put A City In Your Pockets: Builds 1TB Smartphone Chips

Samsung is at it again, the company is building a 1terabyte(1TB) capacity chips. Sources close to the company disclosed it. It is believed that Samsung may show case it in its February 20 launch

Moulla To Launch A Self-flying Umbrella This Summer

It's the Drone era — self-flying photographer (Dronegrapher), window washing drone, fire-fighter drone, Drone for humanitarian services, Drone models..., and now, DroneBrella.

Drones have proven t

Nike's Self-lacing Shoe, Adapt BB, Is Coming This Summer!

Do you hate tying your shoelaces? You can control Nike’s new shoes through an app.

Nike is introducing it's second version of its self-lacing hyperAdapt shoes 2.0, the adapt BB. And this pair is

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram To Message Each Other

Social Media giant Facebook wants to collaborate with its subsidiary Social Media platforms in terms of communication.

According to the Newyork times report, Facebook's underlying infrastructure

Two Americans Invent wood-burning stove That Charges Phones using Fire.

This stove does not only eliminate smokiness but also charges your phone using fire. The Campstove2 is a unique type of stove that prepares your food, reducing smoke by 90%, charges your devices

Russia Files A Civil Case Against Facebook And Twitter, Issues A Fine!

Russia Media watch dog has filed a civil case against Facebook and Twitter over their alleged failure to explain how they'd comply with the storage of Russians personal data from their platforms to

This Is One Of The Best Phone Productivity Device: Samsung Dex Station

For the highly productive guys who travel a lot, a laptop in a bag might be too cumbersome. Or, maybe you are a freelancer who’s productivity systems are in the phone, the Samsung Dex Station is the

Apple Launches Battery Cases For Its Latest iphones (XR, XS, XS Max)

Today, Apple launches battery cases for its latest iphones (XR, XS, XS Max). It has been rumoured about since last year, as its users have been patiently waiting to have an upgrade to iPhone battery

The World’s First Domestic Automatic Ironing Machine

Effie is the world’s first domestic automatic ironing machine, the company says. Ironing, whether domestic or industrial, is a very tedious job to do. But a company announced an invention with a b

Procter and Gamble introduces hi-tech skincare system that is nothing but wizardry

If you want to precisely apply cream or skincare treatment on your skin, your hands is the last option you should think of using.
Procter and Gamble showcased its  "Opte Precision Skincare

DealDey Shuts Down Operations In Nigeria

A one-time e-commerce giant, Dealdey, has shut down its operations in Nigeria where it is headquartered. A source close to the company confirmed the reports.

Dealdey brings up to 90% discounts on

Elon Musk Breaks Ground For Tesla New Gigafactory In Shangai China

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, accomplished a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday in Shangai China, for the building of Tesla’s Gigafactory in China. This will establish a great inroad for Tesla’s cars into

Apple's Valuation Falls below $700 Billion Due To Problems In China

The 1 trillion dollar valued company, Apple, on Wednesday experienced a steep fall in its market value — below $700 Billion.

This happened after CEO, Tim Cook, for the first time ever, issued a w

This Website Edits Your Pictures By Removing The Backgrounds In 5 Seconds

Removing the background of an image can be a hail of a task. It requires a level of graphics skill and as well expertise to be able to quickly and professionally remove the background of an image