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Olly Redefines The Relationship Between Humans And Technology

Hey, just look around you, what is the closest thing to you? Of course, the phone that’s in your hand right now or the laptop sitting on your lap. What if an “Olly robot” becomes your closest pal?

The Gita Smart Cargo Bag Follows You Like Your Dog

How do you carry your stuff around in a world of technology? The answer apparently lies with a technological device. GITA is a land drone, cargo bag and smart device designed to follow you around

For Each Job A Robot Takes From Humans, Four More Are Created

As technological solutions advances, humans become more afraid. There's an assertion that machines (AI) are becoming more intelligent and powerful through the act of machine learning and are soon

Browse The World Around You By Pointing Your Phone Camera Using Google Lens

Google is making android users have unique experiences tailored towards solving their respective needs using the Google Lens Apps.

You know the feeling of frustration and disappointment you get

“Tap” Wearable Keyboard+Mouse Inputs Data With Exceptional Flexibility

As input devices advance, developers are discovering better ways to give the users an off the grid experience for data input into their mobile devices.

Prevalent methods have had direct contact

IBM Develops A Portable Counterfeit Goods Detector

Counterfeiting is a global problem that has affected both manufacturers and consumers in every society. Research tells us that counterfeiting has cost about $1.2 trillion globally, making the need

Facebook Just Launched Its First Community Hub, NG_Hub In Nigeria

The NG_Hub event which took place in Lagos, Nigeria was its first flagship community hub in Africa & in partnership with CC_Hub. The community is aimed at fostering collaborations, learning and

Spermbots Now To Kill Cancer Cells

The cure for cancer has been a long time coming with similar claims to eradicate the prevalent disease. Also, the use of chemical substances for the treatment of cancer has proven to be near toxic

KeySmart Locates Your Lost KeyChains and Phones For You.

How did you feel when you lost a precious phone given to you by someone special? Or maybe, how did you feel when you couldn’t attend a loved one’s birthday, anniversary party or an emergency call bec

Facebook Just Launched Its Youth Portal For Teens And Kids.

Facebook is excited to launch its “youth portal“, a central place where teens and kids can feel safe away from the "virus" emerging from regular social media platforms, without losing out on any

Facebook Slams Around 200 Apps Pending Thorough Investigation On Data Misuse.

Congruous with Mark Zuckerberg's earlier promise on app investigation and audit, Ime Archibong, Facebook's VP of product partnership made a blog post on Monday14th May 2018.

He stated that

SpaceX Launched And Landed A Newly Designed Falcon 9 Rocket With 100 Relaunch Capability.

SpaceX just accomplished on Friday the first mission of its redesigned Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket carried the first satellite of Bangladesh, a South Asian country.

The Falcon 9 has been

Elon Musk Posts Video Of Underground Road Network By His Boring Company

You probably know Elon Musk for electric cars(Tesla), space travel(SpaceX), renewable energy(SolarCity, Gigafactory),  but for road construction? You would pick someone else like Julius

Boston Dynamics Releases Videos To Show Latest Skills Of The SpotMini And Atlas Robots.

Boston Dynamics makes robots, robots that have the movements and dexterity of man and animals. And they are good at it. Two of its robots are SpotMini and Atlas, which have just been upgraded with

Chinese Tech Giant, ZTE, Goes Into Coma

The U.S Government has made bold her statement of imposing an export ban on ZTE by effecting Denial of Service to ZTE by American companies.

ZTE has been crippled by the U.S Government. The

Why Wear The Brand When You Are The Brand.

Met Gala event, the biggest fashion fundraising event took place on May 7th 2018. In its modern incarnation, the famous faces from the realm of fashion, film, music and art come together to raise

The Portable EcoFlow River Bank Tackles Your Power Challenge On The Go Like No Other.

Staying powered always on the go has been a major challenge to many. And to tackle this challenge, there have been so many technological innovations - from meagre power banks to mega power banks.

Snapchat's Spectacle Takes Fun To A Whole New Level.

The hands-free Snapchat spectacles are mind-bending. This totally looks like witchcraft to some and amazing to others. The Snapchat spectacle makes you live in the moments by just a press of the

Nokia Selling Its Smartwatch And Digital Health Business Back To The Owner

Nokia is selling back its smartwatch and digital health business to the company it was acquired. Withings, a French health monitoring technology company was acquired by Nokia on may 2016 for the sum

Facebook Enters The Dating Business.

Facebook seems to get interested in everything, but in this case, it's online dating. Facebook has just launched a new dating feature and this was announced during Facebook's annual F8 developer